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The LiveCD that lives with you.

Phaeronix LiveCD

This is currently the only main project. Other projects might spring from under it.

It is a big liveCD full of all kinds of software, with a strong bias towards normal users' needs, of multimedia, office and internet programs.

which contains : 24286fcba582db81466ffb03d69f945c phaeronix-0-77.iso

bitorrent is working now thanks to Uniball. You can find it on here:

a last alternate is this slow link:

We're still alive!

While activity here,, #eglug and #phaeronix was really low the past week, I assure you we are all still alive and well.

On a side note, here's an update on the stuff in the upcoming version of the LiveCD:
-Updates most notably OOO 1.1.3 and jre1.5
-Hardware detection script: error fixing, and huge speed improvement ( no more compiles ).
-UI : no more xfce dependency, only ROX and gkrellm. This spared some memory.
-less stuff extracted to RAM on startup.
-Better way of ejecting the liveCD on shutdown. ( could still be improved though ).
-As a result of the last two the LiveCD can now boot with just 64Mb of RAM available and still have 24Mb free after the desktop is up. ( confirmed in qemu ).

Release notes 0.77

This iso is generally stable and very usable, but a lot of the new features need testing. Among these are:

1. Hardware detection:
* Mouse.
* Modems : motorolla, smartlink, lucent, intel 536 537 and ham
* Synaptics touchpad support
* TV cards ( v4l supported )
* Monitor settings detection ( dependant on
2. Arabic console and xterm using bicon:

* Console is by default arabic.
* Run AXterm from the menu.
3. Memory requirements:
* I have calculated that the CD needs about 55Mb of RAM to run. Therefore you need at least 64Mb of RAM without swap for it to be useable. This needs to be verified, and posssibly optimised.

Phaeronix LiveCD

Phaeronix 0.77 released.
Go over to the projects section to read about it and download it.

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Anyone is welcome to lend a hand.